touch1 [ tʌtʃ ] verb ***
▸ 1 put body part on someone/something
▸ 2 have no space between
▸ 3 affect emotions
▸ 4 change/influence someone/something
▸ 5 eat/drink something
▸ 6 use something
▸ 7 work on something
▸ 8 deal with someone/something
▸ 9 reach amount
▸ 10 hit/kick ball in game
▸ 11 be as good as
1. ) transitive to put your hand or part of your body on someone or something:
Beth reached out and touched his cheek.
He was careful not to touch the blood.
touch something to something (=move something so that it touches something else): Be quiet! she said, touching her finger to her lips.
He touched the napkin briefly to his chin.
a ) to press something in a light way with your finger or foot to make something work:
Kate touched a button and the machine whirred into action.
b ) to put your hand on someone's body in a sexual way:
It was the first time he had touched her.
2. ) intransitive or transitive if two things touch, or if something touches something else, there is no space between them:
The chair was so high that his feet couldn't touch the ground.
They stood next to each other, barely touching.
3. ) transitive to affect your emotions, especially so that you feel sad or sympathetic:
His comments really touched me.
He was touched by their suffering and offered to help.
touch someone's heart: The plight of the orphans has touched the hearts of thousands of people.
a ) to feel grateful because someone has been very kind to you:
I was really touched by the flowers he sent.
Eric was touched by her concern.
b ) be touched by something to be affected by a particular quality or feeling:
He was suddenly touched by a strange sense of panic.
4. ) transitive to change or influence someone or something in a positive way:
Diana touched many people's lives through her charity work.
a ) always in negatives to change something in a way that is noticeable:
The old farmhouse has hardly been touched by modern trends.
b ) if an expression, especially a smile, touches your lips or eyes, you have it for a short time:
A trace of a smile touched her lips.
5. ) transitive always in negatives to eat or drink a particular thing:
She was so upset that she had barely touched her food.
I never touch alcohol.
6. ) transitive usually in negatives to use something:
Don't touch anything of mine while I'm away.
I haven't touched any of the money she left me.
7. ) transitive always in negatives to work on something:
I haven't touched the garden for weeks.
8. ) transitive to deal with a particular subject, situation, etc.:
I wouldn't touch such a difficult piece of work.
a ) to deal with or accept someone:
Most employers won't touch you if you have a criminal record.
9. ) transitive to reach a particular amount or level:
The police recorded him driving at speeds touching 120 miles per hour.
10. ) transitive to hit or kick a ball in a game:
He hardly touched the ball during the game.
11. ) transitive always in negatives to be as good as someone or something else:
He is a good golfer, but he can't touch his brother.
touch a nerve
to upset someone or make them angry:
Eileen's innocent remark seemed to have touched a nerve.
touch wood SPOKEN
used when you have said that you have had good luck in order to prevent bad luck from happening to you. People sometimes touch something made of wood when they say this.
would not touch someone/something with a ten-foot pole
used for saying that you think it is a bad idea to become involved with someone or something
=> BASE1
,touch `down phrasal verb intransitive
if an aircraft or space vehicle touches down, it lands:
The plane touched down in Sydney at noon.
`touch for phrasal verb transitive BRITISH INFORMAL
touch someone for something to get or borrow money from someone:
He tried to touch me for a few pounds.
,touch `off phrasal verb transitive
to make something unpleasant or dangerous happen:
The raid touched off angry protests.
`touch ,on or `touch up,on phrasal verb transitive
touch on something to mention something when you are talking or writing:
He did not touch on the issue of immigration.
,touch `up phrasal verb transitive
to make a surface look better with small improvements:
Touch up the paint before you try and sell the house.
software that lets you touch up your photos
a. to make your MAKEUP look better by adding a little more:
Ella was touching up her lipstick in the mirror.
`touch u,pon phrasal verb transitive
same as TOUCH ON:
I have already touched upon this theory in Chapter 2.
touch 2 [ tʌtʃ ] noun ***
▸ 1 putting body part on something
▸ 2 very small amount
▸ 3 ability to feel things
▸ 4 small improving feature
▸ 5 someone's particular quality
▸ 6 ability to do something well
▸ 7 hitting/kicking ball
1. ) count usually singular the action of putting your hand or part of your body on someone or something:
The touch of his hand sent a thrill through her body.
She felt the touch of his lips on her back.
2. ) singular a very small amount of a substance:
Do you want milk in your coffee? Just a touch, please.
touch of: Add a touch of vinegar.
a ) a touch slightly:
The curtains are a touch on the long side.
Things will be a touch easier next month.
b ) a touch of something a small amount of a quality:
You seem really interested, he said with a touch of irony.
add/bring a touch of something: Winter flowers add a welcome touch of color to the park.
3. ) uncount the SENSE that tells you what something feels like, through your skin, or when you put your fingers on it:
Children's imaginations can be stimulated through sight, touch, and smell.
a ) to the touch used for describing the way something feels:
The fabric felt soft to the touch.
Bake the cake until it is firm to the touch.
4. ) count a small feature that improves something:
The flowers in the room were a nice touch.
Lace added a decorative touch to the tablecloth.
a ) finishing/final touch(es) something you add or do to make something complete:
The band is putting the finishing touches on their third album.
5. ) singular a particular quality that someone can add to a situation:
personal/feminine/human/professional touch: The hotel provides good service and the personal touch.
magic touch (=a special and successful quality): Jane Pickard is the businesswoman with a magic touch.
6. ) singular your ability to do something well:
Charlotte has really developed a touch for Mexican cooking.
a ) lose your touch to no longer be good at doing something:
You haven't sold anything today. You must be losing your touch.
7. ) count the action of hitting or kicking a ball:
Levens gained five yards on his first touch of the ball.
in touch (with someone)
1. ) be in touch (with someone) to see, speak to, or write to someone:
I'll be in touch next week about our trip to Paris.
Are you still in touch with any friends from college?
2. ) get in touch (with someone) to speak or write to someone, especially after you have not spoken to them for a long time:
Why don't you get in touch with Jerry and tell him the news?
3. ) keep/stay in touch (with someone) to continue to write or speak to someone although you do not see them often:
They moved away five years ago, but we still keep in touch.
keep/stay in close touch (=speak or write to someone often): We stayed in close touch while they were in Johannesburg.
4. ) put someone in touch with someone to tell someone the name, telephone number, etc. of a person or organization who can give them information or help:
Maria put me in touch with a great acupuncturist in San Diego.
in touch (with something)
1. ) be in touch with something to understand feelings or a situation very well:
Emma felt she wasn't in touch with her own emotions.
2. ) keep/stay in touch with something to continue to understand and know about a situation or subject:
To be successful in business, you must keep in touch with the market.
lose touch
1. ) to not see, speak to, or write to someone any longer:
She moved to France and we lost touch with each other.
2. ) to no longer have recent knowledge or information about something
out of touch
1. ) be out of touch (with someone) to not see, speak to, or write to someone any longer
2. ) be out of touch (with something) to no longer have recent knowledge or information about something:
I haven't taught for a while so I'm a little out of touch.
a soft/easy touch INFORMAL
someone who can be persuaded very easily to do something, for example to give you money

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